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The arena announcer will the name of the goal scorer, name of the player(s) credited with an assist for the goal and the time of the goal. If the goal was scored during a power play he (or she) will say if it were a power play or short-handed goal.

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Q: What does the announcer say when someone scores a goal in hockey?
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How many points is a hockey goal worth?

A hockey goal is worth 1 point. For example if a TeamA has 0 points and TeamB has 0 points and someone from TeamA scores a goal then TeamA now has 1 point and lead the game 1-0

How often does the hockey team that scores the first goal win the game?

more than half

What does p stand for in hockey stats?

The P usually stands for points. A point is given to a player who scores a goal or assists on a goal.

How many points are awarded for a goal in hockey?

In Hockey a goal counts as one point for the team who scores. The person who scores is also awarded a point, and are awarded one if they assist on a goal. The points players acquire during the season are totaled and are used to give awards and determine a players worth.

Why does the hockey announcer take so long to announce a goal?

Because he takes time to pee his pants with happiness

How does a player get an assist in hockey?

A person is credited with an assist when it is passed to a person who scores a goal. A maximum of two people can have an assist per goal. ----

What is an assist in lacrosse?

an assist is when someone passes the ball to someone that scores a goal. normally its when someone feeds the ball quickly to the crease to get a goal.

What do you call a goal in hockey?

A goal is just a goal in hockey.

What is the name for scores in hockey game?

For field hockey (played on grass) scoring one goal is one goal. There are no points and goals, just goals. One to nothing is one- nil, two- nil etc.

How is goal for or GF defined in hockey?

Goals for (GF) are simply the number of goals that a team scores, not including shootout goals.

What time does the ice-hockey announcer announce when the time in one of the periods is 20 00 and a goal is scored?

It depends on the announcer. He may do it right as the intermission has started, or one a new period has started.

How do you score hockey?

the puck goes in the net, over the line, this is a goal, or a score for your team. the team with more scores wins the game.

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