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The old mascot was a Rocket: Robot on Wheels.

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Q: What does the Nets mascot Sly look like?
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What is the Nets mascots name?

The mascots are BrooklyKnight, Sly the Silver Fox, and Duncan the Dragon.

Why is sly the silver fox the new jersey nets mascot?

because he can be and he is awesome

What is the New England revolutions mascot?

The New England Revolution have a fox named Sly as there mascot!

What does Sly Coopers son look like?

He does not have one.

Will there be a fourth sly Cooper?

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What does the word sly mean?

sly means sneaky like a fox

What is sly cooper's father's name?

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Do people like sly?

If you see great reviews that talk about Sly, then yes. Sly 1 and 2 were the greatest hits.

Does sly cooper have a son?

No, if he did it would be in like sly 5.Beacuze in sly 4 it would be showing sly and carmalita[or whatever the heck her name is]working together.

Are there any games like wolf where you are a fox?

william and sly or william and sly 2

Are you a sly 4 fan?

I'd have to say that alot of people have not even HEARD of Sly 4,and some people are not into sly anymore.But I know that people like me ARE into him. .

Is As sly as a fox a simile or metaphor?

It is a similie as you are comparing (something) to how sly the fox is. A similie uses the words "like or "as".