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The h stands for hockey even though some people think it stands for habitant it really stands for hockey.

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If you look closely you can see that the logo consists of two Cs (The red one and a white one outlined in blue) and a white H outlined in blue. Together they are the initials of the "Club de Hockey Canadien".


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Q: What does the H stand for in the Montreal Canadiens logo?
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What does the h and the c in the Montreal Canadian's logo stand for?

H = Habitants (their first name) and C = Canadiens (Canadians in French)

What does the c and h stand for in Montreal Canadiens?

The distinctive C-wrapped-around-H logo stands for "Club de Hockey Canadien."

Why is there an H in the Montreal Canadiens logo?

The official name of the Canadiens in French is Club de Hockey Canadiens. Therefore the "H" stands for "Hockey" not Habitants or Habs as most people like to think.

Why does the Canadiens logo have an H in it?

The logo stands for "Club de Hockey Canadien".

What does the 'H' in the 'Montreal Canadiens Hockey Team' Logo stand for?

Sometimes people refer to the canadians as the "Habs." According to stories, this nickman dates back to 1924. Tex Rickards, who owend Madison Square Gardens in New York, was told that the "H" on the Canadiens sweater stood for habitant, a French word that was once used to describe the farmers of Quebec. Really, though, the "H" stands for "hockey." the Montreal Canadiens official name is "le Club de Hockey Canadien."

What does the C and H in the Montreal Canadiens logo stand for?

Originally it stands for "Club de Hockey Canadien". But in 1924 the owner of the Canadians told a reporter in NewYork it stands for "Habitans", a name which the first french settlers had. So the nickname "Habs" was born.

What is original name of the Montreal Canadiens?

Club Athletic Canadien (CAC)(Logo was an ''A'' in a C) was the former name and become Club de Hockey Canadien in 1917 (CHC)(''H'' in a C).

What does the CA mean on the Montreal Canadiens jersey?

The correct spelling is Montreal Canadiens, and the symbols are CH. The H stands for 'Hockey', as in 'Club de hockey Canadien', the official name of the team.

What does the h on habs jersey mean?

The H on the Montreal (Habs) Canadiens jersey stands for 'hockey' as the team's full name is Le Club de Hockey Canadien. The H does not stand for Les Habitants or Habs which is a nickname given to the team in the 1950's.

What does the 'CH' stand for on the Montreal Candiens hockey jersey?

The 'C' stands for Canadiens, the 'H' stands for 'Hockey', as in 'Club de hockey Canadien', the official name of the team. English: Canadien hockey club.

Why do they call Montreal canadiens habs?

When the first French settlers arrived in Quebec city in 1608, they then moved on the Montreal (other known as Hochelaga in that time) in 1623. They then were called the Habitants, meaning the settlers. The Montreal Canadiens adopted this name and grew accustomed to the nickname Habs. The H on the inside of the C on their jerseys represents this nickname.

What does the CH mean on the Montreal Candians Hockey Jersey?

Logo One of sports' oldest and most recognizable logos, the classic 'C' and 'H' of the Montreal Canadiens was first used together in the 1917-18 season before evolving to its current form in 1952-53. The 'H' does not stand for 'Habs' or Habitants; this misconception stems from an error by an English language newspaper reporter in the 1950s. It actually stands for 'Hockey', as in 'Club de Hockey Canadien', the official name of the team. According to, the first man to refer to the team as "the Habs" was American Tex Rickard, owner of Madison Square Garden, in 1924. Rickard apparently told a reporter that the "H" on the Canadiens' sweaters was for "Habitants."

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