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The Chicago Bulls logo features the face of a bull that is red, black, and white. Chicago Bulls is written in black above the face of the bull. Alternate logos have a red background with Chicago Bulls written in white.

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Q: What does the Chicago Bulls logo look like?
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The jersey design of the Chicago Bulls basketball team is that of a bright red field as the base of the team colors. This is accented by the use of black monogram letters and writing across the chest and the back of the jersey. The name "Bulls" is proudly displayed across the chest directly above the player's number. The NBA logo is normally present on the left breast, with the manufacturer's logo generally displayed parallel to the NBA logo on the right breast of the jersey. The reverse side carries the player name and number, with a stylized miniature Bulls logo directly above the player name at the nape of the neck. The jersey also tends to have alternatively trimmed black and gray striping along all of the external hem of the exterior.

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