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Twin Cities

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Q: What does the C stand for on Minnesota Twins baesball hats?
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What does Minnesota Twins logo stand for?

The TC on the Twins helmet stands for Twin Cities. The original Twins uniforms also had 2 players signifying Minneapolis and Saint Paul) on the shoulder shaking hand across a river.

What does the C on Minnesota Twins hats mean?

Cities. The TC on the Twins hat stands for Twin Cities, the nickname for St. Paul and Minneapolis.

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How much is a 2013 Minnesota Vikings hat?

2013 Minnesota Vikings hats and caps range from $21.99 to $34.99. One may also purchase the hats and caps via the NFL UK website starting at around £20.00.

What does stpg mean on twins hats?

It stands for The St. Paul Colored Gophers. It was a team in the early 1900s that helped pave the way for desegregation in baseball. The Minnesota Twins have honored them 3 times by wearing replicas during games.

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What does StPG mean on the jerseys of the current Minnesota Twins?

"StPG" stands for the St. Paul Gophers, a Negro Baseball team that played in St. Paul, MN in 1909. The Twins have worn these replica jerseys a couple of times in the past to honor the Negro Leagues. The St. Paul Gophers uniforms are navy blue, with long, wide sleeves. The shirts also have a traditional collar. The hats are white with short blue brims and StPG across the front.

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