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Captain and there are always several captains each team in NFL games.

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Q: What does the C patch on the jersey represent in the NFL?
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What do the rainbow colors on the c patch on an NFL jersey stand for?

The myriad of colors represent the NFL's "Crucial Catch" initiative to bring awareness to various types of cancer.

What does C represent on an NFL jersey?

"C" means captain.And still mean the division championship of last season .

What does the C patch on Eli Manning's jersey mean?

The C patch on eli mannings jersey means Captain.

What does the C logo on a NFL jersey stand for?

The C logo on a nfl jersey stands for Captain.

What does the C with four stars on an NFL jersey mean?

The "C" indicates the players Captain status. The Stars represent the years as captain.

What does the stars mean beneath the letter c on the NFL jersey?

The "C" indicates the players Captain status. The Stars represent the years as captain.

What does the C patch on AFC uniforms signify?

The 'C' patch is new to the NFL this season (2007) and signifies the Captains of the team.

What are the stars for in the C of an NFL jersey?


What does the c patch mean that some NFL players wear?

The C patch on the upper right shoulder of a player stands for Captain. The Captain earns the right to wear this patch.

Why do some nfl players have a c on their jersey?

The C indicates a team captain.

What does the C stand for that on the back of an NFL jersey?

it means you are a captain

What does c stand for in NFL?

if you mean on the jersey it stands for "captain"

Why a letter C on jersey of Quarterback in NFL?

The 'C' n the jersey of a football player signifies that the player is one of the Captains of the team

Where can I buy NFL jerseys with the C patch on it?

at famous footwear! Got them last week

Why do some NFL jerseys have the letter C on them and others don't?

Captains have the letter C on their jersey.

Why does the c patch on Eli Manning's jersey have 4 stars?

Each star represents a year of serving as a captain. So 4 stars represent serving 4 years or more in the same team

Why do the NFL qbs where that c?

That 'C' on a player's jersey indicates the player is one of the captains of the team. Almost always in the NFL, a team's starting quarterback is one of the captains of the team.

What did the C with 4 stars mean on Peyton Manning's jersey?

The C with the 4 stars on Peyton Manning's Jersey means that he is the team captain. The stars represent how long he has been captain.

What is the C on the NFL uniform?

The 'C' on a player's uniform denotes that the player is one of the captains of the team.It also depends on what year the jersey is from. Champion used to make NFL jerseys - the C is their logo. The NFL has since switched to Reebok - maybe a season or two ago?The "C" stands for "captain," and each captain is elected for a one-year term to be a captain. Not all captains have the "C" on their jersey, however, making it a little confusing. That's because a maximum of six players per team can wear the patch on their jerseys, and some teams like the Patriots for example have more than six (New England has seven and Tom Brady is actually the one who doesn't wear the patch). The four stars underneath each "C" logo represent are each filled in for every year a player fulfills his duties as captain, but they are not retroactive, so no one in the league actually had more than one star under his "C" during the 2007 season (when this started).It really means Cheerleader.

What is the C on some football jerseys?

The C on their jersey's stands for captains. Each team elects their team captians before each NFL season.

What does the gold C signify on Eli Mannings uniform?

Each year you are captain for your NFL a star on your captain's patch becomes gold. When your serve 5 years as a captain you have 4 gold stars and you get a gold c. This is called a full gold captains patch just like Eli has.

Why does Luongo not wear a C on his jersey?

C means captin on his jersey

Why does Peyton Manning have a c on his jersey?

The C on his jersey means he is one of the captains of the team.

Why do the Red Wings have the C and A's on the right side of the jersey?

Detroit did this last year because they had an extra patch on the left side already so they put it on right. I guess they stuck with it this year.

Which word starts with c and stands for a hockey players jersey?

Captain's jersey - The letter C on a hockey player's jersey identifies the player as being the team Captain.