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The "A" stands for "Approach". The loft is in between a pitching (P) wedge and a sand (S) wedge. Approach wedges are used for short, precise shots onto the green and are the same as Gap wedges.

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It stands for "Approach Wedge" which is the same as a gap wedge and its loft is generally about 50 degrees.

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Q: What does the A mean on a taylormade wedge?
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What do letters on taylormade golf clubs mean?

Taylormade offers four options for wedges in their iron sets, listed below from longest distance to shortest:PW - pitching wedge, 44oAW - approach or "attack" wedge, 49oSW - sand wedge, 54oLW - lob wedge, 59o

What does the A stand for in taylormade a wedge?

It stands for "Approach Wedge" which is the same as a gap wedge and its loft is generally about 50 degrees.

What wedge is the best?

Well I recommend the TaylorMade wedges it doesn't matter the loft on the wedge. As long as it is TaylorMade it will work just fine. Make sure you get it custom fit. The the longer it is the more the ball will go.

What degree is taylormade R9 SW?

the sand wedge for this set is 55 degrees

Did TaylorMade ever make a firesole lob wedge?


What degree is the mizuno pitching wedge?

I believe 47 degrees was standard.

What degree is a taylormade sand wedge?

A TaylorMade gap wedge is a golf club that is designed to fill the gap between a pitching wedge and sand wedge. It has a higher loft than a pitching wedge and a lower loft than a sand wedge, making it ideal for shots that require more accuracy than a pitching wedge but less loft than a sand wedge. It is typically used to hit shots from around 100-120 yards. The degree of a TaylorMade gap wedge can vary depending on the manufacturer, but generally they range from 50-54 degrees. Here is a breakdown of the most common TaylorMade gap wedge degrees: 50 Degrees 52 Degrees 54 DegreesIf you're looking to add a gap wedge to your bag, it's important to know the degree of the wedge so you can get the best performance out of it.

What does the letter m mean on a golf club?

The only set of clubs that i know of that has an E club, are clubs manufactured by Ben Hogan. The E club is the same or another name for a pitching wedge. According to the Ben Hogan website, it is called the 'equalizer' it is called so because Mr Hogan believed it completed or equalized a set of clubs.

What is loft of a Taylor made A wedge?

Taylormade pitching wedges are usually 48 degrees, however it can vary across different model ranges.

What is the better wedge a Titleist Vokey Taylormade TP or Cleveland CG14?

It is all down to personal preference the Titleist is by far the most popular wedge because of their design and quality but you should try all 3 and see which you prefer, my preference is Vokeys.

What is better ping or taylormade?


When was TaylorMade-Adidas created?

TaylorMade-Adidas was created in 1979.