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assistant captain

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Q: What does the A mean on a hockey players jersey?
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What does a A mean on the Chicago blackhawk jersey?

Alternate captain. Hockey players with a "C" (captain) or an "A" are the only players that are supposed to communicate with referee's on the ice.

Which word starts with c and stands for a hockey players jersey?

Captain's jersey - The letter C on a hockey player's jersey identifies the player as being the team Captain.

What does C mean in a hockey jersey?

it means captain

What hockey players wear jersey number 8 in the NHL?

Alex Ovechkin (Washington Capitals).

What hockey players wear jersey number 7?

Phil Esposito when he played for the Boston Bruins.

What hockey players wear jersey number 23 in the NHL?

Milan Hejduk for the Colorado avalanche

What hockey players have worn jersey number 27 for the Los Angeles Kings?

Too many to say.

What does A mean on a hockey players sweater?

It means alternate captain

What does the A on the Canadian woman's hockey jersey mean?

Alternate or Assistant captain.

What does the letter C mean on tp of the player's jersey in hockey?


What does the a mean on a hockey jersey?

The "A" stands for alternate captain and/or assistant captain.

What does the A on a hockey jersey mean?

The "A" stands for alternate captain and/or assistant captain.

What does ccm mean on a New Jersey devel jersey mean?

CCM is the name of the company that makes hockey apparal and equipment. The CCM on the jersey is similar to the Nike swoosh on a jersey in that it is an advertisement for the company.

What happens in hockey if all players of one team are in penality box?

If all players are penalty box in hockey they would have to defeat. This would mean they would lose.

What does the hockey jersey represent?

The hockey jersey represents the team a player/goalie plays for.

What does the A stand for on an AHL jersey?

If you mean a capital A on the front of a players Jersey it stands for Alternate Captain

How many hockey players in America?

There are about 351 NHL hockey players in the States

What does the letter A on a hockey jersey stand for?

The A on the hockey jersey simply stands for Assistant or Alternate Captain.

Why do hockey players throw off their gloves?

It allows for a better grip on the opposing players jersey and bare knuckle boxing is more effective than punching with padded gloves on.

Who are the two famous players in field hockey and who are the two popular hockey players?

Hockey: Sydney Crosby, Martain Brouder

What does the D on a hockey jersey mean?

ive never seen a hockey jersey with the letter D on it but I'm guesssing it means defenseman.the only letters you ever see consistently on hockey jerseys is C for Captain and A for Assistant Captain

Are there currently any female hockey players in NHL?

No, there is no female hockey players in the NHL

Famous nz hockey players?

Who are some famus new zealand hockey players?

Where are the best ice hockey players from?

the best hockey players are from Canada

How many defense players on a hockey team?

There are 6 defence players on a hockey team.

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