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they receive gold medals, but each one gets to choose YEAHH!

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Q: What does the 1st 2nd and 3rd place winners receive in the Olympics?
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What is the highest place Great Britain have been ranked in the Olympics medal table?

Great Britain were 1st in the London Olympics in 1908.

When were the 1st olympics held?

1964 Summer Olympics in Tokyo.

What country hosted the 1st Winter Olympics?

The United States has held the Winter Olympics 4 times, more than any other country. In second is France, which has hosted 3 times.

Has James magnussen won any gold in the Olympics?

These being his first Olympics, no. The 2012 London Olympics was James Magnussen's first time competing in the Olympics. He did not win any gold medals. However, he did win a silver and a bronze. On August 1st, 2012, he won a silver medal in the 100 Meters Freestyle with a time of 47.53 seconds. He was 1/100th of a second behind 1st-place finisher, Nathan Adrian of the USA, and 0.28 seconds ahead of third-place finisher, Brent Hayden of Canada. On August 4th, 2012, he swam the freestyle leg of the 4x100 Meter Medley Relay in the finals of that race (he did not swim in the preliminary round, as the relay members are changed for the finals round). The team placed 3rd with a time of 3:31.38, securing bronze medals for Magnussen and the other relay members, Hayden Stoeckel (backstroke); Christian Sprenger (breaststroke); and Matt Targett (butterfly). Magnussen's leg of the relay clocked 47.22 seconds.

When were gold medals first awarded at the Olympics?

It goes way back in Olympic history when the aciant Greek didn't give medals, insted they gave amounts of gold coins of artifacts to the 1st place winner, then after a long term of years Silver and Bronze where asigned to 2nd and 3rd place Olympians silver coins to the 2nd and bronze artifact to the 3rd

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What medals do 4th through 8th place winners receive in the Olympics?

The winners of 4th through 8th place in the Olympics do not receive any medals. Only the 1st through 3rd place winners get medals.

What do the 4th 5th and 6th place-getters receive in the Olympics?

I think just ribbons. The 1st 2nd and 3rd place-getters get Medals.

What do you call the thing that winners of the position 1st 2nd and 3rd stand on in the Olympics?


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When and where were the first summer and winter Olympics held?

the 1st Summer Olympics were held in Athens Greece as it was th place where the Olympics originated from.

Colors of medals at the Olympics?

1st place: gold 2nd place: silver 3rd place: bronze

Who are the people that win gold medals in the Olympics?

The 1st place athletes

How much money did the Packers receive for winning the 1st super bowl?

The winners share in Super Bowl I was $15,000 USD per player

What is the highest place Great Britain have been ranked in the Olympics medal table?

Great Britain were 1st in the London Olympics in 1908.

In the 1896 Olympics what colour were the medals given to the winning athletes?

1st Place: Silver 2nd Place: Bronze

What are the four medals at the 2008 Olympics?

Gold for 1st place, silver for 2nd, bronze for 3rd, and you get a certificate if you get fourth place

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