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It referrers to the drop of the bat or the weight. If you have a 32 inch long bat and a -11 drop the bat weight is 21 oz. If you have a 31 inch long bat and a -11 the bat weight is 20 oz.

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Q: What does the -11 mean for fast pitch softball bats?
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What does AB mean in softball stats?


What does HBP mean in softball hitting stats?

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What does pit mean in softball stats?

PIT is pitches thrown or pitch count.

What does 2 for 4 mean in hitting in softball?

It means the batter had 4 at-bats and got 2 hits.

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In softball a run is when you score.

Is baseball more difficult than softball?

AnswerThe answer depends on whom you ask. First, I will assume you're referring to fast-pitch softball, because slow-pitch softball is a game anyone can play. As we used to say, softball is for everyone, but fast-pitch is for athletes. It's true that the ball is smaller and harder in baseball, but the distance from the mound to home plate is much shorter in softball. And because top pitchers can throw at better than 70mph in softball, that can be very intimidating. The field is smaller in softball, so it's harder to hit a home run in baseball, but the smaller softball field tends to make the game much quicker and requires very fast reflexes. Softball pitchers can vary their pitches with the same accuracy and variety as baseball pitchers.Baseball and softball are both excellent games requiring similar skills. It all depends on which game you like and which game your more comfortable with.I think that if you really think about it either could be harder and either could be easier because if you already play one of the sports you know how to play. but if your new than softball may be easier because of the size of the ball.It really depends on the ball size I mean you play with a softer ball in softball and it is much bigger compared to a normal size baseball so you have more of a chance of hitting it.

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TPS is the make of the bat. It is a sports company that produces both softball and baseball bats. This is just like Easton or Louisville Slugger brand bats.

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i play travel ball and we have different brackets a and b and i think maybe c but it depends on how good your team is. just like being put in the gold, silver, or bronze brakcet

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"R" in softball stats stands for runs

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What does TPX mean on baseball bats and gloves?

TPX is one way Louisville Slugger indicates the bat is made for baseball.TPX = baseballTPS = softball

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It means the batter got 3 hits in 4 at bats and scored 3 times.

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It means "innings pitched"

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It means you aren't out?? You are safe.

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