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ST= saint

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Q: What does the 'st' in the master st Adidas shoes mean?
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why do your put out your shoes for st nick?

bc children used to put their shoes out and St. Nick would out money and gifts inside their shoes.

When do you lay out your shoes for St Nick?

you put you shoes out on the 5th of December

What shops sell kicker shoes in Liverpool?

St. Johns

What do children set out on St. Nicholas Day?

They place their shoes on the doorstep.

Where can you find toms shoes in st George Utah?

Journeys at The mall (:

What are some Christmas customs from Germany?

German children put their shoes on their doorstep on December 5th, the night before St. Nicholas Day. It is believed that St. Nicholas comes around and puts treats in the shoes of all the good kids and twigs in the shoes of the naughty children.

Is there a Cinderella shoes store here?

The only Cinderella Shoes Store I know of is in St Stephens Green Shopping Centre, Grafton St, Dublin. Its on the top floor. There website is Phone +35314750389 Clare :0)

What brand of clothing does evelyn Harper wear on two and a half men?

Mostly St. Johns and j. Renee shoes.

What shoe store is on 28 th st?

Aldo Shoes is located at 3195 28th St SE Grand Rapids, MI.

Which continent puts their shoes in front of their fireplaces?

In some European countries, such as Belgium, the Netherlands, and France, children put their shoes by the fireplace on the night of December 5th in preparation for St. Nicholas Day. They believe that St. Nicholas will come during the night and fill their shoes with gifts or sweets if they have been good.

Where is the helmet that Augustus st cloud is wearing in the new venture bros from?

It definitely looks like Magneto's helmet from X-Men. It fits considering Magneto is the Master of Magnetism, and St. Cloud's arching theme is "Weather Master."

Where in Claremont can you get toms shoes?

You can either buy these shoes at a place called Raku at 224 Yale Ave or at Nectar which is located at 319 W 1st St.