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Para- in this capacity refers to "supplementary" and "ancillary". The Paralympics accompany the main Olympics.
it stands for parallel because the paralympics are parallel to the Olympics

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Q: What does the 'para-' stand for in the word Paralympics?
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What does the para stand for in the word Paralympics?

Para, as in parallel. It means parallel to the Olympics, or working alongside the Olympics.

Where does the word paralympics come from and what does it mean?

In this context the word para means with or along side and has nothing to with paraplegic

What does Para mean in the Paralympics?

Para refers to physical disabilities.

What does the word paralympics stand for?

it is parrel or along side olympics

What does para mean in Paralympics?

Parallel to the Olympics.

Were does the name Paralympics come from?

Para come from the Greek term Equel to.

Were does the word Paralympics come from?

It's a portmanteau word where 'paraplegic' (someone unable to use one or more lower limbs) and 'olympics' have been cobbled together. Para is a Greek word

Where did the Paralympics get its name?

Two words joined Parallel Olympics Para-lympics

Do you know about the Singapore Paralympics?

As of i know about paralympics singapore, Singapore National Paralympic Council (SNPC) focuses on enabling our elite para athletes to participate in major games like the ASEAN Para Games, Commonwealth Games, Asian Para Games, Asian Youth Para Games and Paralympic Games.

What does the para stand for in the word for example paragraph?

The prefix 'para' comes from a Greek word meaning 'beside' or 'next to'. The prefix was used in old English to mean 'requiring more study' such as paralegal.

How do you say to stand out in Spanish?

para resaltar

What does parabellum stand for?

PARA = for; BELLUM = War.

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