What does tango frio mean?

Updated: 12/8/2022
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it is spelled "tengo frio" and it is spanish. it means "I am cold"

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Q: What does tango frio mean?
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What does you gusta almorzar pescado frio mean?

what does pescado frio mean

What does to frio mean in spanish?


What does el te frio mean?

Iced Tea.

What do cantaros y hace frio mean?

heavily and it was cold

What does que frio mean?

Que frío literally means "What cold!", though it is used to mean "It's so cold!"

What does tienes frio mean in spanish?

This is not grammatically or structurally correct. It should be: Mi bolsa es muy fría, which would mean "My bag is very cold".

What does mike tango tango mean?

Thanks much!

What does estás frio mean?

Literally, "You are cold". This is not the normal way you would use this term, however. Normally, you would say "tienes frio", or "you have cold".

What does yo tango mean in English?

Yo tango = I dance the tango Yo tengo = I have

What does su el amigo frio mean in spanish?

alto verde

What does en que meses frio mean?

During what months is it cold?

What does you calientas guando siento frio mean?

You warm me up when it's cold