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In recreational hockey, many games are played under a curfew. In order to get the game done in time, sometimes it is played with a running clock (meaning, the clock does not stop for whistles).

Stop time periods just refers to the clock stopping for whistles. Some games use a combination depending on the score of the game or time of the game. For example, my local rec league uses running time for the entire game except for if the score differential is less than 5 in the last 5 minutes of the game. This helps ensure the game will finish in the hour time slot.

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Q: What does stop time period mean in hockey?
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What does in a round mean?

A round is a period of time much like a period is in soccer or hockey. It is the time the boxers are actually boxing.

What does a round mean in boxing?

A round is a period of time much like a period is in soccer or hockey. It is the time the boxers are actually boxing.

Is there half time in NHL Hockey?

yes after the 2nd period

Does hockey have a time limit?

in 1 period it is 1 minute

How do they track hockey player's ice time?

With a stop watch.

You are in your period time how can you stop it immediately?

you can't stop it.

What time is third period in a hockey game?

Third period starts 40 minutes into the game and lasts 20 minutes.

How long are hockey periods in a grade school hockey game?

The USA Hockey rule book does not give a specific length, it only states that periods can not be longer than 20 minutes. So it will depend on the level (whether it is rec or travel) and the location of the game. Each state/local affiliate will have their own rules. It will also depend on whether it is a running time or stop time game. From my experience, with an hour long time slot, Mites will normally play 10-12 minute stop time periods or 15 minute running time periods. Stop time games will also sometimes determine the length of the 3rd period based on how much time is left on the curfew. For example a "12/12/half" game would have 12 minutes for the 1st and 2nd period and then the 3rd period would be half of the time remaining on the ice curfew.

What is the time period for a hockey test match?

91.40 meters x 55 meters.

What is period one in hockey?

The first of 3 even amounts of time in a hockey game. Hockey has 3 periods per game. It is usually called the 1st period, not period one. Technically an overtime counts is a period, which means games can have an unlimited number of periods. I think the record for an NHL game is 6 overtimes, or 9 periods.

What does ATOI in hockey mean?

It stand for Average Time On Ice.

What do the letters t.o.l. on a hockey scoreboard mean?

time outs left