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it means start swimming

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Q: What does starter mean in swimming?
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What does the starter say at the start of a swimming race?

Take your marks....

When your in a swimming race who is the person who fires the gun?

The person is usually called "the starter."

What is starter in swimming?

"The Starter" in swimming is the meet official in charge of running the starting equipment. A meet start consists of one long whistle, telling swimmers to climb onto the block, the announcement "swimmers take your mark", and lastly a loud beep announcing the start of the race.

What is Starts in swimming?

It is the start of the race. Usually consists of a buzzer and a starter. You can start from the locks or in the water.

What does dreaming about frogs swimming mean?

it means dreaming about frogs swimming

Can you catch a Pokรฉmon in Pokรฉmon starter kit?

by starter kit do u mean starter pokemon? because then no!

95 Ford Taurus with a starter problem When you tap on the starter it starts right up does this mean the starter is bad?

yes! change the starter!

What is the distance of a swimming pool?

distance???? Do you mean how far can a swimming pool travel???

Chrysler minivan 1998 wont start and its not the battery?

If you mean that the battery is OK but the starter does not turn replace the starter, they are known to have weak starter solenoids,inside the starter.

What does Swimming in a pool with dirty water and fish mean?

it means your swimming in a pool with dirty water and fish.....get out!

What does 'swimming' mean in Spanish?

"To swim" is the verb "nadar". The gerund form "swimming" is "nadando".

Where is the soleniod switch on 1997 Mercury villager?

If you mean the starter solenoid, it's on the starter.

What is the Latin word for swimming arms?

Possibly it's 'arma natentes', but I would really have to know what you mean by 'swimming arms', it's not an expression that I am familiar with. Possibly you mean a form of flotation aid for teaching swimming.

What does SCR mean in swimming?


What does swimming mean in french?


What does schwimmbad mean?

swimming pool

What natacion mean in spanish?


What does the s mean on a starter solenoid?

Putting 12V power to that "S" post will ingauge the starter.

How players are there in swimming?

Swimming is not a team sport so there are no players. If you mean how many athletes can swim together at a usual swimming lap, the answer is 8. If you mean how many players each team has in water polo, there are six players and the goalkeeper.

What does startus mean in latin?


What does entree mean in catering?


What does swiming mean in french?

swimming (verb) : nager swimming (sport): la natation

What does it mean to dream of having webbed feet?

You wish you were better at swimming or you wish you were swimming more often.

How do you replace a solenoid for a 1994 Buick LeSabre?

Do you mean the starter solenoid? It's the part of the starter where the wires are bolted on. You'll have to remove and rebuild the starter.

What does la piscina mean?

la piscina mean the swimming pool