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mean an inheritance that is too heavy to bear.

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Q: What does staples mean by unwieldy inheritance?
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What does unwieldy mean in Romeo and Juliet?

"Unwieldy" means "unwieldy"--it's not an uncommon word in modern English. It means awkward or clumsy.

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A snow shovel is very unwieldy for use in the garden.

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I can give you several sentences.That sword is too unwieldy to use in battle.The postman handed me an unwieldy parcel.We almost dropped the unwieldy desk moving it up the stairs.

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Sometimes a sledgehammer is just too unwieldy to use indoors. The twelve-inch left-handed monkey wrench is an unwieldy but useful tool. The earliest revolvers were heavy and unwieldy weapons.

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The radio antenna was so long it was unwieldy to transport.

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The term "unwieldy" means being difficult or impossible to use or handle. The verb to wield originally meant using a sword or other weapon. The term is more likely today to apply to a tool or application that is ill-suited to the use or job to be performed.Example : "Bill complained that the permit process was unwieldy and slow."

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Unwieldy means hard to control or move because of an object's great weight or size.

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The boxes were large and unwieldy so I asked for help loading the truck.

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what can you say to the objection of the SCL can be noisy and unwieldy

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If you mean the staples used to hold sheets of parer together, then the answer is neither.

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willed as in inheritance

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They are heavy and unwieldy.