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Q: What does standford look for in students?
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How many people attend standford university?

well,i can't really say because new womwn come to Stanford about every day but I guess i can say about 12,000

How many miles from Standford hall to Liverpool?

Standford Hall (Glasgow) about 214 miles Standford Hall (Newport) about 56 miles on A41

Who founded Standford?

It was founded in 1891 and its a private school Leland Standford was the one who found the school. plus Herbert hoover was the first president to go to Standford

What are some benefits of using a Stanford web mail?

Standford web mail provides email services to students and staff at Stanford. The main benefit is that students can access their email from anywhere on the web either on site or remotely off site.

What is a donkey basketball game called?

It is called HEE HAW Game! In Standford Wong flunks big time, they do a hee haw game. Standford wins of course! Standford Wong likes Emily!

When did Yahoo Canada first come online?

It started in 1994 by two engineering students at Standford. They wanted a place to compile anything they needed to research, so they created the website Yahoo.

Do you have to answer all the questions on the standford test?


Were is Justin Bieber located?

Standford Ontario

Will Aston Merrygold marry Frankie standford?


What are standford university yearly fees?


Where did Condoleezza Rice teach?

Standford University

Would standford university accept 3.4 gpas?