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Shortstop. the Shortstop position is played between second and third bases.

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Q: What does ss mean in baseball?
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What does SS mean on a baseball card?

This is just a guess. Could it be shortstop?

Deffintion of ss?

SS in ship terms, steamship.SS in school terms Social studiesSS can mean Schutzstaffel which was a Nazi paramilitary forceSS shortstop in baseballSS can mean strong safety, a defensive position in American and Canadian footballI can keep going, SS is too vague. can mean THOUSANDS of things

What does SS mean in SS Maheno?

The 'SS' in 'SS Maheno' stands for 'Steamship'.

What does SS mean in boats?

SS - Steamship

What does ss mean refering ss Great Britain?

The SS in 'SS Great Britain' stands for 'Steamship'.

What does SS mean in biotechnology SS?

self supporting

What does SS on a boat mean?

SS stands for steamship.

Boston Red Sox-ss What is the ss stand for?

SS stands for Shortstop, one of the eight defensive positions (less the pitcher) on a baseball team.

What position does ss stand for in baseball?


What does the abbreviation SS mean in crochet instructions?

SS is an abbreviation for slip stitch.

What does SS mean in Navy?

In naval terminology, SS stands for Steam Ship.

What does 8s on a ss mean?

28 inch wheels on a Chevrolet Impala SS sedan.

What does SS in terms of ships mean like in SS Mayaguez?

It is the abbreviation for steam ship.

What does the SS mean in the German military during WW2?

SS = Schutzstaffel

What does SS mean in naval terms?

SS stands for Steam Ship

Can you play as Shadow Mario in Mario ss baseball?


What does the ss stand for in Major League Baseball?


What does SS mean in SS Great Britain?

When used in front of the names of ships SS stands for steamship.

What does po ss mean?

PO: Per Oral SS: Suspend Solids

What did ss mean in world war II?

SS = Schutzstaffel .

What is a short stop in baseball?

a SS is pretty Important J. Roll plays SS a SS is Right between 3rd and 2nd so if it gets between those 2 bases he can get it

What does 8 s in a ss mean?

I think the correct question is "What does 8 S on a SS mean?" That is "8 sides on a stop sign."

What does SS stand for in baseball stats?

Shortstop, a position on the infield.

What does EMC SS mean in the Navy?

Electrician Master Chief (SS) (SS) indicates the individual completed a qualification process on submarine systems.

SS what does it mean?

SS in nautical terms stands for steamshipSS Great Britain is a good example.