What does sport provide?

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Exercise, entertainment, competition

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Q: What does sport provide?
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What is the name of company provide sport and physical recreation?

djgkjknidfjo you are cool

Why was pickleball invented?

Pickleball was invented to provide a sport for the entire family.

What three major sport events happened in 1964?

I will provide you with a link to sport events in 1964. Just click below.

How can a sport help you with another sport?

cause it could provide you with benefits and skills you don't currently have but do need in current sport i.e UFC they use a variety of sports but its still one sport MMA

Is cheerleading a contact sport?

Cheer leading is not a contact sport because of the dangerous stunt elements which provide ample opportunity for exercise to be fun and easy.

What do hogs provide?

They provide a food scource most of all but they also provide and maintain a sport industry of hunting them. People spends a very large amount of money every year to hunt them.

What does it mean when you dream your favorite sport?

It is perfectly natural to dream about your favorite sport. Such dreams merely reflect your thoughts and interests and provide pleasant dream experiences. They have no further significance.

What is the Nike girls in sport project?

Girls in Sport Project was designed to provide schools with a framework to develop a Girls in Sport policy and action plan that incorporates best practice to develop initiatives that would improve the participation and enjoyment of girls in PE.

Can horses provide their owners exercise?

In a way, yes. Horse riding is a sport, and it is hard work. Especially if you ride without stirrups! Riding a horse can provide excellent and enjoyable exercise!

Where is the fuel injectors located on a 2001 Mitsubishi montero sport?

The fuel injectors on a 2001 Mitsubishi Montero Sport are located on the top, back side of the engine. They connect directly to the cylinder and provide fuel for combustion.

Why were Himalayan mountain goats' introduced to New Zealand?

=Himalayan mountain goats were introduced to New Zealand to provide sport for hunters.=

Horses can provide their owners with exercise true or false?

Sure they can, infact horse riding is a sport in which your core muscles are needed the most.

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