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sport is

αθλητισμός in greek

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Q: What does sport means in Greek?
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What is the origin of the word sport?

it is greek and means a pastime.

What was the Pancratium in ancient Greek times?

a sport that was held in the ancient greek Olympics

Who invented gymnastices?

the greek invented this sport.

What did greek boys do in school?

they done sport

When were the first sport played?

At the Greek Olympics.

What was the most dangerous Greek sport?

The Pankration :)

Is the long jump a sport?

Yes it is a sport. It is in the Olympics, which means it is a sport.

Why the Olympic just for sport?

to onor the greek god

What was the Greek god ares favorite sport?


What is Actaeon's favorite sport?

In Greek myth, he was a hunter.

What is the most popular sport in Greek history?


What was the most favourite sport in the greek Olympics?