What does sport mean to you?

Updated: 9/23/2023
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To me, sports means enjoyment, discipline and above all a path to learn time management. I cherish my icon players always win to fill my heart with immese joy.

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Q: What does sport mean to you?
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What is't mean by sport funded?

sport funded mean that you are funded for a sport

What does mon sport mean in English?

'mon sport' means 'my sport' in English.

What does sport elegante mean in Spanish?

elegant sport

What does SL and SE mean on a car?

S mean Sport , SL mean Sport Luxury , SE mean Sport Elegance and Special Edition . It also means straight edge. (for life)special edition

What does sport mean like not the physical sport?

its like to show it off like if someone says that your a good sport the mean a good show off:) like to sport is to have it visible or to show it off!!

What does des chaussures de sport mean in English?

Sport shoes.

What do you mean golf?

As in the sport?

What does j'ai fait du sport beaucoup de sport mean?

I played sport, lots of sports

What does the s mean in Audi model designations?

Sport. RS stands for RennSport (German for Racing Sport).

What kind of sport is bunt?

Well, if you mean What sport do you bunt in? Then it's Baseball.

What is SL mean on the Mercedes?

Sport Leicht (in German) that means Sport Lightweight

What does Specificity mean in sport?

Choosing a type of exercise that is related to the sport you do