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In reference to Scuba diving, "SPG" stands for "Submersible Pressure Guage", which tells you how much air is in your tank so you can resurface before going too low on oxygen.

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Q: What does spg stand for in reference to scuba diving?
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A scuba regulator console will usually contain a submersible pressure gauge (SPG), and may also include other instruments including a depth gauge, a bottom diver, a dive computer and/or a compass.

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Diving equipment should be comfortable, reliable and easy to operate, regardless of how often you dive. Typically, a diving mask, regulator, Buoyancy Control Device, weight belt, wet suit will be required if you area keen hobbyist diver. Whatever your financial position, you will also need a submersible pressure gauge (SPG) and compass. See this link for more suggestions:

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What do you wear when you go scuba diving?

Here is the complete list of scuba gear, as far as I knowWetsuit, or drysuit (insulation, warmth, protection)BCD (Buoyancy Compensator Device, used for maintaining neutral, positive or negative buoyancy underwater)Weight belt (used to let the diver sink, not to make him sink, some of the newer BCD's have integrated weight systems)Fins (If you don't know what fins are used for i assume you have never been underwater or at a pool)A tank (for air)A regulator (to breath and warm the air, as it is approximately -40 degrees when it comes out of the tank)SPG (submersible pressure gauge, used to tell you your depth, and how much air you have)Dive knife (optional)Dive computer (also optional, but used widely to tell you various things such as dive times, No Decompression Limits, etc.)Other equipement is also used, but is not mandatory

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