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Q: What does smm7 say for general attendance?
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What is difference between smm7 and POMI?

Standard method of measurement (smm7) & project of international management

How do you say attendance?

Attendance - Asistencia

What are the Factors involve in pricing general and special attendance on sub contractor in tendering and estimating?

Discuss factors in pricing general and special attendance on subcontractors?

What are the differences between cesmm and smm7?

Whilst both documents are setting out rules and guidelines for producing a Bill of Quantities, CESMM is focused on Civil Engineering whereas SMM7 is more focused on Commercial and Residential elements.

How do you say I will be in attendance in French?


What is standard method of measurement 7?

The Standard Method of Measurement known is the SMM7 publish by the the Royal Institution of the Chartered Surveyors is the appropriate method of measurement for building works. The SMM7 rules are simplified enough to produce shorter bill of quantities and the contents updated to conform to modern practice.

The use of smm7?

The SMM7 (standard Method of Measurement 7th Ed) is used to by Quantity Surveyors to formulate Bills of Quantities (BOQ) when pricing construction work. It provides a standard set of guidelines and definitions to allow the estimator to price the work without the need for interpretation on unclear definitions.

How do you say monitor attendance in Spanish?

One way to say it is, "vigilar la asistencia."

How do you say attendance line in Spanish?

línea de asistencia

How do you say take attendance in french?

prendre les presences

How to measure form work of columns and beams according to the smm7?

Column formwork measured from slab upto bottom of Slab

What is the basic of viii wage board of coal India?

minimum wage is Rs. 8360.00 per month which depends on physical attendance of General Mazdoor(Lowest category in CIL) or we can say Rs. 321.20 per day.