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The team that is lesser or the backups.

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Q: What does second team mean in volleyball?
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What does mean co ed volleyball?

Co-ed volleyball is when both guys and girls play on the same team.

What is retrieving in volleyball?

I assume you mean receiving? That is when the other team has the ball and are serving it to your team. They are the serving team and you are the receiving team.

What does a match mean in volleyball?

a match is when the team and the other team are a tie and only 1 piont left to win

What is a Canadian volleyball team name?

Whose legend volleyball team canada

How much money is it to join a volleyball team?

It is about $100 to join a midddle school volleyball team It is about $100 to join a midddle school volleyball team

Who is the second ranked women's college volleyball team?

University of California, Cal Bears of Berkley, CA

Is a volleyball a olympic sports?

Yeah, they have regular volleyball and team volleyball.

What happens if the volleyball hits the pole in volleyball?

I am assuming that you mean the red and white pole attached to the net, and if the volleyball touches that during the game, the other team would get the point and the ball

What does estamos el equipo de voleibol mean in English?

It means: "we are the volleyball team"

How many players are on a regular volleyball team?

There are 6 players on a regular volleyball team

What sport has a team with 4 players?

If you mean total, doubles tennis and beach volleyball are examples. If you mean per-team, bobsled and curling are two examples.

When was Yeşilyurt Women's Volleyball Team created?

Yeşilyurt Women's Volleyball Team was created in 1956.