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Sac stands for sacrifice bunt.

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โˆ™ 2008-05-11 01:05:23
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Q: What does sac mean in baseball?
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What does un sac mean in french?

un sac is a bag in French.

What does 18K sac mean in a ring?

what does 18K SAC mean in a ring

What does SAC mean in economics?

SAC is an abbreviation for short-run average cost.

What is un sac mean in English?

Un sac means a bag

What does Sac-a-lait mean in Louisiana?

Sac-a-lait is a slang for Crappie, which is a type of fish.

What does un sac mean in English?

Un sac (masc.) means a bag in English.

What does mon sac a dos mean in English?

mon sac a dos means my backpack in english

What does le sac vert mean in French?

le sac vert means 'the green bag' in French.

What does un sac ร  dos mean?

Un sac Ã? dos is 'a backpack' in English.

How do you say the word pures in french?

Did you mean "purse"? A purse is 'un sac' (masc). My purse is 'mon sac'.

What does bag mean in french?

bag= sac

What does it mean that your sac dropped?

You are growing up!!

What does Sac pa se mean in English?

how are you

What does SAC mean in school?

That it's,about sharks

What does le sac a dos mean?

the backpack

What does col-de-sac mean in french?

Cul de sac means a court(yard) it is a dead end street.

What does it mean if there is fluid found outside the pregnancy sac?

It could mean the fluid sac protecting the child has a tear in it or is leaking or that you have fluid in your uterus. You'll have to speak to your MD to find out for certain.

What does le sac mean in English?

Le sac means backpack live in 340 Dixon road door number 23o6

What does c'est un sac ร  dos mean?

c'est un sac à dos means 'this is a backpack' in French.

What does SFA mean in pitching statistics?

sac fly

What does dans mon sac mean in French?

It means 'in my bag' in French. Dans mon sac j'ai ... means "In my bag I have ..."

What does un sac ร  dos noir mean in French?

Un sac à dos noir is a black backpack in French.

Disc bulge at the level of l4-5 with impingement on thecal sac?

What does mild broad based disc bulges at L3 to S1, indenting the thecal sac mean? recommended with sonagram, thecal sac related to thyroid.

What does mon sac est รฉnorme mean in French?

Mon sac est énorme means "my bag is enormous/huge" in French.

What does mon sac est cool non mean?

"Mon sac est cool, non ?" means "my bag is cool (nice), innit?" in French.