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Q: What does relegated to the periphery means?
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What is periphery?

"Periphery" means the outermost boundary of an area.

How do you use the word periphery in a sentence?

Periphery is a noun that means outskirts, circumference, or perimeter. Example sentence: I walked the entire periphery of the yard and couldn't find the place in the fence where the dog was able to escape.

What is the meaning of periher?

I am guessing that you mean the word "periphery". The periphery is the edge or outer boundary of something. I have learned more about "periher". My guess wasn't far off track. In Norwegian, periher means "circumference, or periphery". In Romanian, periher means "danger, or risk". In Icelandic, periher means "pearl, bead, or beauty". In Finnish, periher means "principle, maxim, or tenet".

Is Russia a periphery or semi periphery country?


Found in the periphery of the retina?

Sclera on the outer periphery and vitreous fluid on the inner periphery.

Is Periphery a Christian band?

No, Periphery is not a Christian band.

What are the three states of economy?

The core, periphery, and Semi periphery.

When was Thessaly Periphery created?

Thessaly Periphery was created in 1987.

When was Crete Periphery created?

Crete Periphery was created in 1987.

What is the art definition of periphery?

Periphery is the outer edge of something.

Have burnley been relegated?

They were relegated this year.

What word means the outer bounds of something?

The word could be border, boundary, edge, periphery, or purlieu.