What does red shirted mean?

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Sit out a year because of injury to preserve a year of eligibility

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Q: What does red shirted mean?
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What does it mean to be red shirted in college baseball?

If a player gets red shirted in college it means he was injured and will not be able to play the year. Under year on a roster it will say "RSR", "RJR", "RSO", "RFR. meaning red shirted senior, red shirted junior, red shirted sophomore, red shirted freshman.

Can a NCAA football red shirt play in a game the same season that he is red shirted and still be red shirt?


When during the season can a player be voluntarily red shirted?

A college football player can be red shirted any time during the season unless he has played a single snap in any game in that specific season.

What actors and actresses appeared in Ride - 2001?

The cast of Ride - 2001 includes: Paul Blott as Red Shirted Cowboy Luce Rains as Blue Shirted Cowboy

Can division 3 red shirted players still travel with the team?

Divison III does not

Do redshirt players get scholarships?

Red shirt players can get scholarships. When the players a red shirted, they are not able to play for the current year.

Can a jr college transfer be red shirted?

Yes of course that is a very common thing people do.

Why do the red shirted security guys always die on star trek?

They are expendable. It's just a running gag.

What does RS mean in football?

RS means red shirt in football. This is found in college football and to be red shirted means a football player does not play in their freshman year, rather they wait in order to gain an additional year of playing time.

What does redshirt junior mean in sports?

it means the player had been red-shirted when he was a Junior, which is where the player is aloud to practice with the team but cant play games for the session but instead of becoming a senior the next year he becomes a red-shirt junior.

How many years can a student play in college?

5 is they are a red shirt freshman

Did Candace Parker graduate from Tennessee?

Yes she did, she was red shirted, so she could have played another year, but decided not to and to instead go straight to the WNBA

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