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it's basically the ability of acting real quick in several sports such as tennis... in tennis for example you have to be quick in order to catch the ball and simultaneously be prepared to respond to your opponent's ball therefore, if you have less reaction time that means that it takes you less seconds to respond.

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It means the amount of time taken before you react to somthing.(Baseball) if th ball is coming at you, your reaction time is the time it takes for you to move out of the way

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Q: What does reaction time mean in sport?
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What is reaction time in sport?

Reaction time is how fast someone reacts in a sport, such as hitting a fastball.

Reaction time in sport?


What sports do you use reaction time in?

Reaction time is defined as the time that elapses between a stimulus and the response to it. Every sport uses reaction time. Every sport requires you to do a sitmulus and respond to it.

What sports require reaction time?

I cannot think of a sport that does not require you to react in a certain amount of time. Every sport needs reaction time

What sport requires fastest reaction time?


What sport needs reaction time?

several sports require reaction time but the one that comes to my mind first is baseball. Because you need to have a fast reaction time to both hit and field the ball when it is hit.

What sport uses reaction time?

You require a good reaction time to take part in any sport, whether it be reacting to the start whistle, in swimming or sprinting, or reacting to a volley of some sort, in football or tennis. especially in Formula1 as a slight mistake and it could all be over.

What does Reaction time mean?

Reaction time is the time it takes from a stimulus being received to react to that stimulus. For example, If you step on a bee barefooted (sting of the bee is the stimulus), your reaction time is the time it takes to remove your foot.

What is't mean by sport funded?

sport funded mean that you are funded for a sport

Do sport drinks effect reaction time?

=Yes,If you drink a energy drink...your reaction time will be so goood.that is until it wears away && u become miserable.So forget those while your in sports.==Gatorade-pretty much waterr.Takes some time to actually help.So goodluck on figuring something sportish to drink.Oh p.s. cheer is a sport.=

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