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In case of 3-way tie, the quotient system is computed by adding up the scores made by each team and the sum thereof, to be divided by the sum of the scores made by the opposing team. The team posting the highest quotient wins the tie.

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Q: What does quotient system mean in case of a three way tie in basketball?
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What is the quotient of two integers with the same sing?

The quotient has a positive sing in that case.

Which choice is the same as the quotient of a number and itself?

The number 1. Unless the number is 0, in which case, the quotient is not defined.

Is quotient known as remainder?

No. When you divide a number by another number, let's say 26/4, you can't always get a perfect number. In this case, 6*4 is 24, and you have 2 "remainder", or 2 left over. The quotient is the whole answer, in this case 6 remainder 2. So the remainder is part of the quotient, but not the whole quotient itself.

Can a remainder be larger than the quotient?

Yes, it can be , for example 9/5 gives you quotient=1 and remainder =4 and other case 16/5 gives you quotient =3 and remainder = 1

What is the operation that gives the qoutient of two numbers?

A quotient is when two numbers are divided. For instance 20 ÷ 5 = 4 in this case, the quotient is 4.

What is the quotient and dividend in 8 divided by 1 equals 8?

In mathematics, a quotient is the result of division. The quotient is the result 8 here, while the number being divided is called the dividend, in this case 8.

What is the quotient of -72 and 9?

72/9 = 8

What is High school basketball three second rule?

the three second rule doesn't only apply to high school basketball, it applys to any basketball (including the NBA). The three second rule is when three seconds have been spent in the 'key' consecutively without exiting and re-entering the key. In which case, this is a turnover

What if two rational numbers are divided is the quotient always going to be a rational number?

Not if the second rational number is 0: in that case the quotient is not defined. Otherwise the answer is yes.

The quotient 18 is 5find the number?

You can use the equation: quotient x divisor = dividend In case there is a remainder, the formula is: quitient x divisor + remainder = dividend

What is the calculation or the formula on the quotient system in basketball scoring in case of triple tie?

In Basketball, a typical quotient system would be computed or generated by adding up the total points scored (for all games played) by each team and divide it by the total points allowed by each team (or total points scored by opposing team for all games played).The teams posting the highest quotient is the team that advances to the next round/ quarterfinals/semis, ... etc. (see example below)For Example:A. Games played between teams:Red (88) vs. Blue (82)Blue (67) vs. Green (65)Green (79) vs. Red (85)B. Formula: a= b/cwhere:(a) = (b) / (c)team = (sum of score made by team) divided by (sum of score by opponent)(in all games played) (in all games played)example:(a) = (b1+b2) / (c1+c2)Red = (88+85) / (82+79)= 173 / 161= 1.0745Blue = (67+82) / (88+65)= 149 / 153= 0.9738Green = (79+65) / (85+67)= 144 / 152= 0.9473

What is the answer to division problems?

A division is a dividend divided by the divisor to give the quotient; this is written as:quotient = dividend ÷ divisorA division can also be expressed as the divisor divided into a dividend to give the quotient; this is written as:................. quotient.............. ------------divisor | dividendThe quotient can be just the whole part of the result of the division, in which case there may also be a remainder.