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Waivers means a few things, but most importantly, the player can be picked up by another team.

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Q: What does put on waivers mean in baseball?
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What are waivers in baseball?

Waivers is the term used when a team no longer wants a player. Click on the 'Waivers in Baseball' link on this page to get a better understanding of how waivers work.

What does picked up on waivers mean in baseball?

to be acquired for free, the team offers a player on waivers if they are being removed from the roster, a player can be claimed, but not immediately sent after the trading deadline

What is the time deadline to clear waivers in baseball?

the deadline to clear waivers in baseball is whenever you feel like doing so. even if you never clear your waiverthing

How do waivers work in baseball?

Put some guy on waivers, they go through the 30 MLB teams worst to best, until someone claims him. If nobody does, they stay in their orginization. I'm not completely sure about this but I'm pretty sure. Also, I think the team that put the player on waivers can take the player off waivers if he wasn't on the 40- man roster but you can't take him off if he was. Hope this helps! Remember, I'm not 100% sure.

Why does a baseball team put a player on waivers?

Some reasons are that the player cannot be protected, or he is of no use to the team, the team cannot afford him or it is a step used before the team can release him.

What does placed on waivers in hockey mean?

When a player is placed on waivers by a team, it allows other teams to claim that player and assume his contract. There is a provision called "right of recall" which allows that team who initially put the player on waivers to recall the player. If there is no right of recall and no team claims the player, the player is now able to be demoted to the farm system team of the parent team and paid the minor league salary.

What does PO mean in fielding baseball?

Put Out

What does nfl player did not pass waivers mean? waive at him and he doesn't waive back

What does it mean to put an NFL player on waivers?

The player will not count against his teams active roster and the team forfeits his rights so that any team could negotiate or sign the player

Can a player be in a lineup if on waivers?

Yes. While a player is on waivers he's still on his team's roster and is therefore available to play just as he would be if not on waivers.

What does the baseball statistic PO mean?

Put Out *Pickoff

What does PO mean in baseball stats?

put outs

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