What does puma stand for?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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"Puma" is spelled and pronounced the same way in English and in Spanish. A puma is a cougar, similar to a mountain lion.

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Puma is the name given to this big cat by the Incas of South America.

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please use me again

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Q: What does puma stand for?
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What is the genus of the puma concolor?

The genus of the puma, or puma concolor, is Puma.

What is a male puma?


What is the sceintific name for puma?

The puma or mountain lion is Puma Concolor.

What is an adult puma's name?

Puma concolor is the revised scientific name for a puma.

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The Panthera genus of Felidae includes the roaring cats such as the lion and all but which of these which is actually the genus Puma?

The genus of the puma is - Puma - as in Puma concolor.