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Means when the puck is frozen to travel faster

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Q: What does puck frozen mean?
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What does puck frozen mean in ice hockey?

This refers to when the goalie takes possession of the Puck, generally eliciting a whistle from the referee and a stoppage of play, hence the phrase "freeze the Puck!"

What is the difference between a frozen hockey puck and a regular hockey puck?

duh. you think one is edible and one is not?

Does a frozen hockey puck slide further on ice?

Yes a cold dry puck will slide much better than a wet puck. If your puck is held in your hand and becomes warm, the puck will stick...

Was the first hockey puck a frozen meat patty?

No. It was actually a tennis ball. The first "puck" was a ball with the top and bottom chopped off.

Does a frozen hockey puck weigh more than a regular one?

The temperature of any object does not change its weight. This is discussed in the ccientific principle called the "Law of Conservation of Mass". The puck will be harder and slightly smaller when frozen.

What does icing the puck mean?

Dumbing the puck above the goal line

When the puck in hockey what is that called?

this makes no sense!!!! If you mean when the puck is in motion on the ice, it called the " puck in play " .

Why is a hockey puck frozen?

Pucks are frozen a few hours for ten days prior to the game to reduce bouncing during play.

When a hockey puck is frozen why does it bounce less?

1, when it frozen it obserbe the impact so it reduces the bounce affect. It's Newtons 3rd Law.

What does it mean to clear the puck mean?

It is a term used in playing Hockey. It means to get the puck away from your zone and away from your net.

What does it mean to clear the puck?

"Clear the puck" is a slang word for a disease cause by anal sex.

What does 'diamond in the rough' mean?

puck you

What does the name Puck mean?

a puck is a round oreo shaped block of rubber used to play hockey with

In hockey what does it mean when the puck is live?

It means the puck is till being handled and the whistle has not blown to stop play.

What does puck mean in Thai?

It means vegetable

What mean puck?

A puck is small, hard, round rubber disc used in ice hockey. - In English folk stories 'Puck' is a miscchievous woodland sprite, a trickster and clown.

A sentence for friction?

If it weren't for friction, the hockey puck would have slid forever on the huge frozen pond.

How do you freeze the puck in hockey?

Quite literally, place it in your freezer (or outside if the temperature is below freezing). Frozen pucks have far less "bounce", and should always be frozen before use in a game.

What does it mean to center the puck?

That's hockey you lunatic!

What does puck man mean in Japanese?

To flap your mouth

Is it true that one reason that Hockey pucks are frozen is to prevent more severe injury if it hits a playerperson?

No, it is so that the puck slides better on the ice. Since the puck becomes harder it would probably do more injury, not less.

If a hockey puck is set in motion across a frozen pond if ice friction plus air resistance are neglected the force required to keep the puck sliding at a constant velocity is?

If you have eliminated all resistance then the initial force will be enough.

Are you offside in ice hockey if you carry the puck over the line skating backward?

Yes. The puck must cross the line with or before your feet. Just because you are in possession of the puck does not necessarily mean you are automatically on-sides.

Why do hockey players wear helmets?

Obviously for protection... falling onto ice or getting hit in the head with a frozen puck can do major damage to you.

In hockey what does cradle mean?

"Carring" the puck in the hockey stick

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