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The stall in the starting gate from where the horse will start.

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Q: What does post position mean in horse racing?
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What post positon has the highest winning percntage in horse racing?

what post position has the highest winning percntage in thoroughbred horse racing in the usa

Who decides the post position in horse racing?

They are decided by a random drawing.

What is horse racing about?

Simply horse racing is the sport of running horses at speed and the one who crosses the finishing post first is the winner.

What section of the newspaper carries horse racing results in the UK?

Horse racing in the United Kingdom is featured in the newspaper The Racing Post. Most daily newspapers carry racing news and information in the sports section.

What is post time in horse racing?

The horses are called from the paddock to the starting gate

What is horses racing?

Simply horse racing is the sport of running horses at speed and the one who crosses the finishing post first is the winner.

Meaning of topspeed to racing post?

TOP SPEED is a speed rating of a horse for its previous races.

Where can one find horse racing results for today?

There are many different websites one could choose when looking for horse racing results. One could use Racing Post, BBS Sports, Equibase, Sporting Life or ESPN.

How do you find winners in horse racing?

The Winner is whoever passes the Winning Post first. If it a Photo finish they look for the horse who has a nose in front.

How is horse race post position determined?

It's either randomly drawn, or the names are randomly drawn and the trainers get to pick what position they want in the order their horse's name is drawn.

What does substantive post mean?

This is a common parlance in government services. When a person is promoted from one position to higher position, the previous position is called substantive post. For example if ASP is promoted as SP, then ASP is the substantive post held by the person.

In racing post some races have horses where in gender says Bay Horse is it a male horse Can someone list males and females types?

Bay is a color not a gender. A male horse is called a stallion and a neutered male horse is called a gelding in racing horses a stallion is sometimes just called horse. A female horse is called an mare. A baby horse under four years old is called a colt if it is male and a filly if it is female.

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