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Points allowed means how many points your opponent scores in a game.

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Q: What does points allowed mean in basketball?
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Related questions

What does pa mean in basketball statistics term?

It means points allowed.

What does PA stand for in the stats of basketball?

In basketball, PA means points allowed, or how many points the other team scored.

What does PTS mean in basketball stats?


How many players are allowed inside the D in basketball?

it is 2 points you specials :D

What does PPG mean in basketball stats?

Points per game

What does FB mean in Basketball stats?

fast break points

What does 'ppg' mean in basketball?

I believe it means points per game. points per game

What does PPG mean in basketball?

I believe it means points per game. points per game

How do you average your points in basketball?

how do average your points in basketball

What is 3pm-a mean in basketball?

That means 3 Points Made - Attempted !

What are the points about basketball?

To earn points in basketball, you sink the ball in the basket.

What does shot mean in basketball?

The word shot in basketball or (NBA) means an attempt to score either two or three points.

What are rules for quotient system in basketball?

The quotient system is used when there is a tie. It adds up the points scored by each team and divided by the total amount of points allowed.

What does FG mean in basketball?

Field Goal, making a basket worth 2 points.

Most points in a college basketball game team?

The most points in a collage basketball game is 3 points....!

What are the points in basketball?

two points a shot

How many points are in each basketball shoot?

Each basketball is worth 2 points.

How many points is a basketball hoop worth?

A basketball hoop is scored as two points.

What does the PF and PA in basketball stats mean?

In basketball stats, PF means "Personal Foul". PF also means "Power Forward", a position on a basketball team.If you are looking at NBA standings, PF means "Points For", or how many points a team is averaging, and PA means "Points Against", or how many points they are allowing.

What are the most points scored in a basketball game?

it is no points

What do you call a goal in basketball?

In basketball you score points, not goals.

What does a person mean when they ask you how many points you scored in a basketball game?

It is a simple question regarding a basketball asking about the number of baskets you score in the game.

What does ast mean in basketball?

The abbreviation ast in basketball means assists. It is normally listed in the stats of a player during, and after games, along with their points and rebounds.

What is jumper in basketball?

Glade you ask. Since im basketball freak, im sure i can answer this. Wel, "jumper" in basketball term, it mean : a player's who attemp to shoot a ball from a distance of the hoop. Anywhere from in side the ark (three points line) worth 2 points and out side the ark worth 3 points.

Why do you need basketball hoops?

Basketball hoops are need to score points when playing basketball.