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Each rally is considered a point.

The scoring in tennis goes like this:



fifteen-fifteen or love-thirty

fifteen-thirty or love-forty

thirty-thirty or the player that had forty in the score love-forty just won the match.

If the score is thirty-forty and the player with thirty wins the point, the score is now forty-forty, or "deuce." To win the game from a score of deuce, a player must win two consecutive points. The scoring would go like this:

forty-forty ("deuce")

add-in (the player serving won the deuce point) or add-out (the player not serving won the deuce point). The score goes from deuce to add and back to deuce as long as it takes for one player to win two consecutive points.

I hope that helps!

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Q: What does point mean in tennis?
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What does the term match point mean in tennis?

It means if you win that point you win the match.

What does LET mean in table tennis?

It means the point will be played again.

What does break point mean in tennis?

Break point is a point played which, if won by the returner of service, gives the returner the game.

What is freezing point and melting point of a tennis ball?

freezing and melting point of a tennis ball

What does Fitfteen mean in tennis?

It's how the score is said. 1 point is said is 15

Is bang a point in table tennis?

point is a point but point is a point

What do you call a point in tennis?

Just that...a point.

What is the final point in tennis called?

Match point

If you touch the net in tennis do you lose the point?

If you hit the ball into the net in tennis you don't lose a point, rather the opponent get s a point.

What is the tennis point after deuce?


What is the point after duece in tennis?


What does g0 mean in tennis?

I think you meant something other than g0. The points in tennis have names.The starting score is love ( rather than zero or nothing) The first point is fifteen ( or colloquially five) The second point is thirty The third point is forty.

What is a point in tennis?

The point of tennis is to keep the ball within bounds on the opposite side of the net from yourself, and to be the last person to do so.

What is the first point in tennis called?

its just called a first point.

What if you hit the net during a tennis point?

you lose the point... O_o

What if you get hit with the tennis ball?

You lose the point and your opponent wins the point.

What is advantage for tennis?

it means game point

What is long tennis?

You probably mean "Lawn" tennis. Lawn tennis is simply tennis played on a grass court.

What does the score love mean in tennis?

A zero score in tennis.

Does the spanish word tenis mean tennis or sneakers?


What does des courts de tennis mean?

tennis courts

What is the point of Tennis?

Tennis is a sport just like soccer and football Just to have fun or it can be a career

Which is harder badminton or tennis?

I think it is badminton but that is just my point of view because I am a tennis player.

What is a match point in badminton?

the point is that if you don't like Tennis you play badminton

What do they mean when they call it seed in tennis?

It's basically rankings in Tennis.