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The term 'players must alternate' means that players must switch out so each player gets an equal chance to play the game.

That term can also mean that players must switch positions (like in Basketball, small forward and center) with each other so each player gets an equal chance to play each position.

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Q: What does players must alternate mean?
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What does the A stand for on an AHL jersey?

If you mean a capital A on the front of a players Jersey it stands for Alternate Captain

What does a A mean on the Chicago blackhawk jersey?

Alternate captain. Hockey players with a "C" (captain) or an "A" are the only players that are supposed to communicate with referee's on the ice.

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What does A mean on a hockey players sweater?

The "A" stands for "alternate captain." Usually two alternate captains are chosen in addition to a single captain. An "alternate" designation does not carry the same prestige and responsibility as the "captain" designation, but these players are still viewed as an essential part of the leadership core of the team.

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if you mean like hi 5 for younger players (GS, GA, C, GD, GK) then clearly 5 <-- otherwize i don't know what you mean.

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Can 2 football players wear the same number at same position and alternate on plays?

No sure

5 players must be on the line of scrimmage?

False.This question is not asked very well as it only applies to the offense. The offense must have at least 7 players on the line of scrimmage. These can include receivers. It does not mean that the offense must have 7 linemen. Offensive players not on the line of scrimmage must be at least one yard back. The defense, on the other hand, is not required to have any players on the line of scrimmage.