What does pitch a perfect game mean?

Updated: 12/16/2022
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A perfect game is when a pitcher doesn't allow any baserunners, facing the minimum of 27 hitters.

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Q: What does pitch a perfect game mean?
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What are rules to Pitch Perfect game in high school fast pitch softball?

To pitch a perfect game there cannot be any hits. Reached on errors are not counted as hits and do not factor against a prefect game. There cannot be any walk of hit-by -pitches. For one pitcher to throw a perfect game, she has to pitch the entire game.

Did Sandy koufax pitch a perfect game?

Yes. I was there !!

How do you pitch a perfect game in Mario superstar baseball?

You may want to pitch a perfect game in Mario Superstar Baseball. There is no easy way to do it besides luck or by practicing.

What year did Jim bunning pitch a perfect game?


Did Joe Mauer pitch a perfect game on August thirteenth?

No Joe Mauer is a catcher who does not pitch

How many pitches did Kenny Rogers pitch in his perfect game?


What date did the giants pitch their firsy perfect game?

June 13, 2012

Who was the first to pitch a perfect game in baseball's World Series?

Don Larson

What year did david wells pitch his perfect game?

May 17, 1998

Who is the only Yankee to pitch a perfect game as a Texas ranger?

Nolan Ryan

Was David Cone's 88 Pitch Perfect game the least pitches thrown for a perfect game?

No on 10/2/08 addie joss of the Cleveland Naps threw a 74 pitch perfect game against the CWS both wrong 1944 58 pitches by someone whos name escapes me The person you are thinking of is Red Barrett of the Boston Braves who threw a 58 pitch shutout against the Cincinnati Reds on August 10, 1944. That was not a perfect game. Since pitch counts have been kept Joss' 74 against the White Sox is the fewest pitches in a perfect game. Cone is second with 88.

Who was the only man to pitch a perfect game in the World Series?

Don Larsen, 1956.