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Q: What does paul think will happen to mike once he gets caught up in the Erik fiber football dream?
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What will happen if you ate paper?

Nothing and its good for fiber

What will happen if there is a lack of dietary fiber?

There is a greater chance of constipation occurring.

What is a football helmet made from?

The new ones are made of carbon fiber older ones fiberglass

If you dont eat enough much fiber foods what would happen?


What will happen if you never eat veggies?

You won't get enough nutrients and fiber and you couldn't survive that long

What can happen if you don't have any fiber?

I dont know so can you please help me. Log in to tell me!

What would happen someone ate 6 fiber one bars?

They would have a lot of fibre

What will happen if you have too much dietary fiber?

Too much fiber/fibre can possibly reduce the amount of magnesium, zinc, calcium, iron, and copper that is absorbed from the foods we eat. In addition, too much roughage/fiber can cause intestinal pain/cramps.

What would happen if you didn't eat greens?

You might not have as much fiber in your diet, and it could lead to nutritional deficiencies and constipation.

What do you predict would happen if the spindle fibers were disrupted during the metaphase?

If the spindle fiber were disrupted, the duplicated chromosomes would not be separated.

What material is a bike wheel?

Usually different metals. Aluminium alloy hub and rim, stainless steel spokes and steel axle and bearings. But there can be steel rims and steel hub bodies too, as well as carbon fiber rims and carbon fiber hubs. Carbon fiber or aluminium spokes does happen, but is rare.

What are the rough parts of fruits and vegetables called?