What does od off mean?

Updated: 12/13/2022
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overdrive off

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Q: What does od off mean?
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Related questions

What does OD off on Kia Spectra mean?

o/d off

What does the od-off indicator mean on an 2003 ford focus?

OverDrive Off

What does the OD button on the stick shift mean in a car?

The OD button means "Over Drive", off or on.

What does the od off light mean on the dash?

it means the overdrive is not on.

What does it mean when the OD OFF light is blinking while OD is engaged?

There is a problem with the Overdrive. Seek professional help.

What does it mean od off means on your 2003 Dodge Dakota means?

Overdrive off

What does the OD off light mean on your 2006 Scion XA?

"Over Drive Off"

Your OD Off light is flashing what does that mean?

a malfuntion has been detected

What does a flashing OD off light mean on a ford mustang?

A malfunction has been detected

What does it mean when the OD Off light is on in a 1984 Vovlo Wagon?

OD= Overdrive. There will be a switch to engage/disengage the OD located on the shifter, or on the console in close proximity to the shift lever. It should even have a marking on it.

What is the od off light mean?

the over drive is off. On some cars, it stays on automatically and when you press a button , it will turn it off light up that light.

Why is my car getting hot were my shifts are od light is on but my od is off what does that mean?

od light is the overdrive unit on the transmission. If you drive on the freeway you should have the overdrive unit on, on the streets the unit should be off. The light usually doesn't have anything to do with overheating. I would look for some other issue.