What does obstruction mean in netball?

Updated: 10/22/2022
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it means you are less than 3feet from the player with the ball with your hands up

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Q: What does obstruction mean in netball?
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What is upstruction in netball?

obstruction is when you are not 4 feet away from the person

What does obstrution mean in netball?

In Netball obstruction means that you have got closer than three feet to the player with the ball with your hands up. You need to get you distance of three feet and then put your hands up.

What is advantage obstruction in netball?

Obstruction is when you aren't standing 3 feet (1 meter) from an opposing player when your hands are up, and advantage obstruction means the umpire isn't stopping play, but warning you were obstructing. If you stand within a meter of the person with the ball, marking them or with your hands up in the air.

What is a rule in netball?

One of the rules in netball is the obstruction rule. This is where a player is less than a meter away from a player on the other team. However this only applies if the opposing player has the ball. If the umpire calls obstruction then a free pass is taken and the perpetrator has to stand by the player's (the player who is taking the pass) side until they throw the ball. xx

What is the difference between contact and obstruction in netball?

Both are similar in the fact the person who contacts or obstructs is out of play and the opposing team gets a penalty pass. Netball is a non-contact sport, so contact means you are touching the player or the ball while the player has the ball. Obstruction means while defending a player with your arms up, you need to be 3 feet (0.9 metres) away from the player with a ball. If you get called for obstruction you aren't standing 0.9 metres.

What will happen if a another team player touches the ball in an obstruction in netball?

they will both be out of play which means the stand next to the person the obstructed/contacted on the ball with

What does the term obstraction means in Netball?

The tern obstruction in nerball basiclly means that you were defending within three feet of a player of the other team with the ball

What are the important things you need to know about netball?

You are not allowed to step in netball. You must be three feet before you defend a player. love ya hunny bab

What does replay in netball mean?

When you bounce the ball.

What do vixen mean?

An Melbourne Netball Team

Horizontal banding- what does it mean in netball?

Horizontal banding in netball is when you are passing to your team going horizontally across the court

What does fbao mean?

foreign body airway obstruction