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Q: What does not injury related mean in NFL injury report?
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How would someone find an injury report?

The NFL website offers injury reports. The website called about also includes injury reports from Professional Wrestling. The website PhysioRoom also offers an injury table.

If a NFL player is listed as Out when can they play?

NFL injury reports are given on a game by game basis. If a player is listed as 'out', they are out for the team's upcoming game. A new injury report will be created for the next game and possibly that player's status will change and they will be able to play.

Does ESPN report news about NFL?

ESPN does report news about the NFL. They offer an extensive amount of NFL information including schedules, scores, player information and even rumors.

Has any NFL player died from a hit?

Yes, some NFL players have died from injury.

What type of injury did Troy Polamalu suffer in the 2012 NFL season?

In the the 2012 NFL season, Troy Polamalu suffered from the injury called hamstring, a leg injury which cost him a total of nine games in the 2012 season.

Who in the NFL are related?

Canadian Football League is related. Although he is right I think you mean what players are related. Archie manning (former Saints quarterback) has two sons in the NFL, Payton Manning and Eli Manning. Both have big shoes to fill.

What NFL team ran out of quarterbacks due to injury?


How many NFL players get a head injury in a YEAR?


What are the advantages and disadvantages of being a NFL player?

serious injury

What happens if an NFL player gets hurt?

it all depends on the injury, because the injury determines what happens to the player.

Why do NFL teams report injuries?

For betting purposes.

What is a NFL injury timeout?

Stopping the game because a player is hurt.