What does no pepper game mean?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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Pepper is a practice or warm-up game. Players, one with a bat, stand around in a tight circle and try to field the ball hit at them by the batter. The ball is then tossed quickly back to the batter who hits it back at the other players quickly and haphazardly. You have to be quick and have good eye-hand coordination to play the game. Apparently, fans watching the players play would occasionally get hurt by batted balls that were hit a bit too aggressively, so they banned the practice. Or say they say.

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Pepper is a game where one person has a bat and there are several people with gloves about 50 feet or so from the batter. Someone throws a ball to the batter and they hit it towards the players with the gloves. Someone catches it, or picks up the grounder, and throws it back to the batter who hits it again towards the people with the gloves. Someone fields it and throws it to the batter who hits it again. And this is done over and over and over. The idea of the game is to make it go very fast. Unfortunately, most all ballparks ban the game of pepper because the balls may wind up going into the stands and possibly injuring fans.

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Q: What does no pepper game mean?
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