What does niall mean?

Updated: 10/22/2022
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One who is hungry (Niall Horan)

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Q: What does niall mean?
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What dose the name Niall mean?

Niall means passionate in Irish.

How many tattoes does Niall horgan have?

There is no one called Niall Horgan. But if you mean Niall HORAN he is rumored to have one.

Does Niall know about her?

And by her, you mean..

Is Niall Horan rude and mean?


What does perfect mean for Niall Horan?

Niall actually doesn't believe in perfect he believes that imperfect is the beauty

Is one direction mean to Niall Horan?


Why does oh your Niall mean?

i think it mean when you realise they ]are the person you thought they were

What does the name horan mean?

Go ask Niall! :)

What does lnl mean to One Direction?

LNL means "Loving Niall's Laugh" although I like to say Love Niall's laugh. LLN means laugh like Niall

What does LLN mean?

LLN means Laugh Like Niall and LNL means loving Niall's laugh

Who in one direction is the most mean?

Niall most likely

How is the lest favorite singer of one direction?

you mean "who" and that would be Niall