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the name of a Basketball player on the lakers

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Q: What does meta world peace mean?
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What NBA players are Ministers?

Meta World Peace Son!

Why did ron artest change his name to meta world peace?

they monkey batter types on with this story

What does pax mundi mean?

Peace of the world; world peace.

What is 'peace' in Russian?

Peace -[ Mir ] [Мир] it's can mean world or peace.

What does peace mean?

world peace means no war and fighting

What does the prefix 'meta' mean?


World War 1 peace plan?

What do you mean about WWI peace plan?

What does meta mean?

it means "beyond"

What does yo meta mean?

i put

What does the peace sighn mean?

The Peace Sign is, basically, a symbol of peace. Usually people use it to express their want for world peace.

What sport is more fun to watch hockey or basketball?

Hockey doesn't have players flopping for calls. Basketball does however have a player named Meta World Peace.

What does mi meta mean in spanish?

My Goal

What does the root word meta mean?


Is there any love?

What do you mean?If you mean is the love in the world then yeah course PEACE OUT!

What does un symbol mean?

It means may the world be with peace...

What does the Spanish word meta mean?

means a "goal" :)

Does meta mean change?

yes it means to change

Is Kirby also meta knight?

meta knight is a Kirby not the Kirby that saves the world, hes just a Kirby

What are some words that begin with the prefix meta?

meta-analysis; meta-evaluation; meta-data; meta-theory

What does by the sword you seek peace but peace only under liberty mean?

It means under gods liberty we only seek true peace in the world

What do the symbols of the United Nations emblem mean?

Maybe peace and love for the world.

What is the motto of Turkey?

should be ''peace in the world, peace in the country''Peace in the World, Peace at Home

What is world peace and security?

world peace and security means the protection of the world to maintain peace.

What does the html meta tag title mean?

HTML also contains a tag known as meta. The tag is used to defining the charset of the characters.

Why isn't there peace in the world?

there is no peace in the world for peace is tantamount of saying that we are perfect... and that peace is in the disposition in the heart are not in the world it must begin in you>>>