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Q: What does mean when you see several cardinals?
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What does Cardinals mean in the Arizona Cardinals?

The name refers to the birds.

How many Latino cardinals are there?

See the link below for living Cardinals by country.

Can cardinals be elected as pope?

For several centuries the pope has been elected from among the cardinals. It is not a requirement but has become a tradition.

Is there a list of current Catholic Cardinals?

Yes, the Holy See maintains a list of the College of Cardinals. See the link below.

Why is a Cardinals role important?

The Cardinals role was to elect a new Pope when the See of Peter was vacant

How can you find out information on a player that played for the Cardinals farm team several years ago?

try browsing google and cardinals history websites

What does the St. Louis Cardinals' uniform look like?

Click on the 'Cardinals Uniform' link below to see a picture of the Cardinals home and away uniforms.

What does let's see other people really mean?

It can mean several things, but usually it means the relationship as it was is over. You should see other people and get on with your life, in my opinion.

What states do you see cardinals in?

Arizona...Missouri (hence why there are the St. Louis Cardinals and the Arizona Cardinals in their respective sports) It's the Illinois State Bird.

What is 'I see what you mean' in spanish?

I see what you mean can be translated in several ways. Here are some:veo a que te refieresveo a que Ud. le refiereentiendocomprendo

What does it mean when someone has several dark pigmented moles that are grow in rapidly?

it means "Go see a doctor"

What is the name for cardinals who over see a vote?

Three cardinals are chosen before voting begins in a conclave to be Scrutineers who oversee each vote.