What does mammogram NEC mean?

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Mammogram not elsewhere classified

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Q: What does mammogram NEC mean?
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What does stable normal mean on a mammogram?

it is stable

What does the medical abbreviation nec baby mean?

NEC in this context means necrotizing enterocolitis.

What does the medical abbreviation nec mean?

Depending on context, NEC may mean Not Elsewhere Classified or Neonatal Necrotizing Enterocolitis.

What does BI-RADS 0 mean on a mammogram?

BI-RADS 0 on a mammogram means that the pictures were incomplete, and additional imaging is needed. It is not a comment on whether the mammogram is normal or abnormal.

What does Nec Metu mean?

Without fear. Sometimes used as a phrase Nec spe, Nec metu - Without hope, without fear

What is the history of mammogram?

what is a mammogram?

What does it mean when your breasts show thickness on a mammogram?

"Dense breasts" on a mammogram is a normal finding. A "thickness" on mammogram is not a typically used phrase; ask your health care provider to clarify what the results actually say.

What does the medical abbreviation mmg mean?

In some contexts, it may mean mammogram or mammography.

What does the diagnosis code V 7612 mean?

Its the code for a mammogram screen.

What is bi-rads 4 on a mammogram?

BI-RADS 4 on a mammogram means there is a suspicious abnormality, and a biopsy might be required. It does not necessarily mean cancer.

What is the ICD-9 for a mammogram?

V76.12 Other screening mammogram or793.80 Abnormal mammogram,unspecifiedorV76.11 Screening mammogram for high-risk patient

What is the icd-9 code for breast lesion?

217 is code for a benign neoplasm of the breast 611.72 is for lump or mass in breast 793.80 is abnormal mammogram 793.89 is abnormal finding - breast NEC

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