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Q: What does making these last four weeks of summer count mean?
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How do you measure a furlong?

you count four weeks after, cuz a furlong is 4 weeks, i think.

How many weeks are in four weeks?

There are four weeks in four weeks.

Ultrasound showed 20 weeks four days when did I conceive?

Erm ... 20 weeks and four days ago ... Dohh!! Look at a calendar and count backwards 20 weeks, then backwards 4 days - there is your estimated date of conception.

How long do crystals from crystal making kits take to form?

It takes about two to four weeks

How often do they have the summer oylmpic games?

Every four years, after Beijing in a couple of weeks, the next one will be London in 2012.

How long is Advent?

it goes for four weeks. the four weeks before Christmas

How many weeks are there in four years?

365 * 4 = 1460 daysIn general, one of the 4 years will be a leap year, making 1461 days1460 / 7 =208 4/7 weeks if there is no leap year in the four years.208 5/7 weeks normally.

How many weeks are in four years and four weeks?


Lea saved php60 in 4 week show long will it take her to save php120?

Four more weeks, making a total of eight weeks. Did you really have to put this online?

How many weeks are in February?

There are four weeks and a day in February!!

How often do sparrows lay eggs?

Depends on species, usually two to three weeks.

How many minutes are there in four weeks?

Four weeks = 40,320 minutes.