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Q: What does long term job contract mean?
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What does full-time complementary job mean?

A fill time complementary job is a job that has a contract. A contract job may not be for a long period of time and may have a set salary.

How long does an active duty marine corps contract last?

4-6 years depending on contract and MOS (job).

Long term goals for a job application?

A job application is filled out in hopes of telling a employer enough about a person to get a job. The long term goal would be to hire the people best for the job.

What is your long and short term goal?

long term goal finish school, short term find a job

What does the term niche mean?

The job an organism does.

How do you renew your job on Howrse?

I am not sure by what you mean by renew. But if you mean extending your contract, you cannot do anything. The person who hired you must send a request. If you mean get a job at a new place, go to the job page.

Difference between short term and long term schedular in operating system?

long term schedular select job from job queue and send to ready queue while short term schedular select job from ready queue and send for execution

What services does Corestaff provide?

Corestaff is an employment agency in the United States. They offer part time, temp-to-hire, full time and long term contract positions for potential job seekers.

Tax term con corp and con w2?

this is related to job/hiring. con = contract, corp = contract with (directly) the corporation, con w2= contract with another (middle vender) who places you on HIS w2.

What is contract at large?

The term contract at large simply means when the project client kept on increasing the scope of the work up to the point where by the contingency amount cannot carter for the job.

How long is a US ambassadors term?

Generally an ambassador keeps his job only as long as the president that gave him the job is in office.

What does determined contract from work mean?

A determined contract from work means a contract which is found to best suit the needs of a specific task or service needed. These are often referred to as job bids.