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local Netball is basiclly netball played in your local area.

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Q: What does local netball mean?
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What is the regional governing body of netball?

whatis the local regional governing body of netball

What is the history of local netball?


What are the local regional and governing bodies for cricket?

the regional governing body of netball

How can you join netball?

look in the paper or go down to your local courts at the start of the netball season and sign up.

Where do you goto too find netball teams that recruit netball players?

go down or call your local courts or netball center and they will give you a list of clubs where you can go and join at the start of the netball season. hope that helps

What does repossession in netball mean?

Is when

What does a backboard in netball mean?

There is no backboard in netball, however there is one in basketball

How do you Be a Netball Umpire?

You can be an umpire really easily. You can help out at your local school, university or club. Or you can go on courses that England Netball run.

What two teams were in the finals of your local netball or football?

Have no idea

What is the name of a local Barbadian netball player?

alicia liverpool

What does outside mean in netball?

outside in netball occurs when a player crosses over the side lines or goal lines of the netball court..

What are the local governing bodies of netball?


What does playing the ball mean in netball?

Bouncing the netball off the ground into your hands for your own possession.

What are the different heights of a netball net?

I think by 'net' you mean post? The post should be 10 feet tall (3.05m) for netball. The netball post is made shorter for modi netball (usually U10's) but I am unsure of the height.

Horizontal banding- what does it mean in netball?

Horizontal banding in netball is when you are passing to your team going horizontally across the court

Who is the longest playing netball player?

Pat Pilkington aged 79 years 355 days old still plays competitive / social netball games on a weekly basis, she also coaches local netball teams. Submitted on the 29/01/2008.

What do vixen mean?

An Melbourne Netball Team

How do you find cool names for netball teams?

you take a trip to your local shop and have a look around

What does the word caps mean in netball?

This means; the amount of times the player has taken the court (played netball) in an international match for their country.

How do you become a netball coach?

Speak to your local netball association. Every place have their own rules about how you can become a netball coach. Sometimes it requires you to do a coaching clinic and other times you just put your hand up. It also would depend on the level of the team you are wanting to coach.

What does offside mean in netball?

In netball, being offside means being in the wrong area of the netball court. so if center went in any of the two semi circles, she'd be offside.

In netball what does cpm mean?

Critical path method

What does capped player in netball mean?

one with a hat

What does Ga mean netball?

it means Goal attack

Why is netball needed in netball?

A netball is the ball used to play Netball.