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Level 5 in Ballet is a advanced level you can get stronger in. In ballet 1 you learn the basics. In ballet 2 you learn more steps but still not to advanced. In ballet 3 you learn some more steps and get a little more advanced. In ballet 4 you get stronger and more steps and at that point your feet get stronger and when your feet are strong enough your teacher decides if you go up on pointe or not yet. After 3 or 4 years in ballet 4 you go to ballet 5. ballet 5 is a very advanced class and is the highest level you can get to!

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Q: What does level 5 mean in ballet?
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Related questions

What is level 5 in ballet?

Grade 5 is simply a grade in Ballet, like year 5 in school. You don't necessarily have to complete it, I didn't, to get to the next grade, Intermediate Foundation.

What does the ballet word prepointe mean?

The level of ballet class that you take before you are ready to go on full pointe.

What does grade 1 ballet mean?

Grade 1 Ballet is a level like in music. In Ballet you start at primary. you primary exam is the 1st exam you take in ballet and when you take your primary exam and pass you move up into grade 1.Depending on the ballet school and teacher children are around the age of 6 at grade 1.

Who is on ballet in Pa primary?

if you mean preprimary 5 to 6 year olds

What does ballet mean in spanish?

Ballet in Spanish is actually the same "Ballet"

What is turn in ballet in mean?

if you mean what is a turn in ballet called? it is a pirouette.

How did Tchaikovsky raise ballet music to a new level?

Tchaikovsky raised ballet music to a new level with lyrical melodies and rich orchestration.

What does grand mean in ballet?

that would depend on the excercise if it is a grand plea then it is when you do a plea that basicaly goes down to knee level

How many positions in ballet?

there are 5 positons in ballet

What does La Fete du Ballet mean?

Either the ballet celebration or the ballet festival

What are the top 5 ballet schools in the world?

Royal Ballet School Bolshoi Ballet School Kirov Ballet School Paris Opera Ballet School School of American Ballet

What are the top 5 ballet schools in the US?

* Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet * School of American Ballet * San Francisco Ballet School * Pacific Northwest Ballet School * Boston Ballet School

What level would you go to in ballet if im 14 and only starting now?

You would enter a teen beginning ballet or a young adult ballet class.

What does releve mean in ballet?

Releve means to rise in ballet.

What leavle do you have to be to get pointes in ballet?

There is no particular level. :) Just make sure you take at least 2 years of ballet before you build the muscle memory and experience to advance to that level.

What contrey does ballet mean?

Your question is unclear, but ballet is a french word.

What is purina ballerina?

I think you might mean "Prima" ballerina. She would be the second highest level ballet dancer. Prima Ballerina Assoluta is the highest.

What level of ballet should you start at?

See I did ballet from the ages of 2-11 then stopped my lessons, after completing a grade 4 exam. I then carried on doing tap, modern and ballroom dancing. I wish to take up ballet again. What standard should I get lessons at? Go back to grade 5, or because of all my other experience go higher?

What is ballet mean?

the word ballet comes from the Italian 'ballare'-- to dance or to move

What does demipointe mean in ballet?

demipoint is flat ballet shoes and not the point shoes!

Do you have to go to school to do ballet?

If you have a serious interest in ballet and would like to be a professional ballet dancer, you can only develop that level of skill by studying at an actual ballet school. If your interest is not as serious, you can learn lots about ballet by reading about it, watching videos and movies, trying things out and teaching yourself.

What the equivalence of level 5 in UK?

You need to be more specific ! Level 5 could mean anything.

What does ATOS level mean?


What does ballet dance mean?

Ballet is a dace with spins leaps and turns on the tip of your toe

Why would a guy do ballet?

A male may do ballet if he is interested in learning a beautiful art. If a gut does ballet or dance it does not mean he is gay. Dance and ballet can be alot of fun, even to a male.